tdcersomethingcopyzpsccWriting has always been one of my biggest loves. It all started with my fanfiction.

I’m mainly known for my Elder Scrolls fanfiction, especially “The Divine Champion”, it’s even under the TV Tropes Recs page!

Below is a link to my profile:

Current stories on site:

The Elder Scrolls Series

The Divine Champion: Alduin the World Eater has returned to finish what began centuries ago. Only now there are no Dragonborn to stand in his way. Except one, the one they made a god; Talos himself. The god of men has returned to Skyrim to reclaim his glory, and stop Alduin. One of the best received Elder Scrolls fanfictions on site!

Birthright: Raised in secret the Septim line lingers. Now the time has come for the last Septim to reveal herself, and unite the Empire that is rightfully hers; with an unforseen ally, the last Dragonborn.

Epitaph: A Legionnaire charged with high treason flees to Skyrim to escape execution at the hands of the Thalmor and their Imperial puppets, only to find that the life a fugitive suits him more than it should. This story is on hiatus.

Wabbajack: When a slightly off Dragonborn tests out his latest trinket the result is not quite what this college student expected. Insert OC. One-Shot.

Someone Stole Your Sweetroll?: Someone’s been murdered, and the only clue is a half eaten pastry. Now a Whiterun guard is trapped in a room with six suspects, and no one can leave until the killer is caught. This story is on hiatus.

Mass Effect Series:

Divergence: After Shepard’s death and the failure of their Crucible, she must make a last ditch effort to save at least one universe from the Reapers. One young woman must cross the line between realities and prevent the mistakes that were made in her own. Humanity will not fail again. AU, ME1-ME3, follows OC.

Dragon Age

Champions: The Champion and his friends stand off against the Templars.


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