“I’ll say it outright. I miss the pick-ten system from Black Ops II…”

It was simple, straightforward. While the Perk system in Ghosts is based heavily off of Black Ops II’s system, the amount of Perks just made it more complicated than it needed to be.

The first time I loaded up the game I had to spend a good ten minutes familiarizing myself with the different options available. While in Black Ops II, it took me a matter of seconds to figure out what I needed to start playing, fast. Lucky for me, I recognized a lot of the perks from previous games, but it was the fact that some were worth more than others that had me debating on what I needed and what I could live without.

The Perk system works like this; there are now thirty-five available perks, all categorized into seven categories; Speed, Handling, Stealth, Awareness, Resistance, Equipment, and Elite. With all your equipment spots filled, you can have a total of eight points to spend on Perks. But if you really feel like it, you can ditch everything and get twelve points. Basically this, the less you carry, the more Perk points you get.

And not every Perk is equal to another. Some are just worth one point, while others are worth up to a whopping five points.

One of the best ways to acclimate yourself to the game is understanding the Perk system. It’s a bit more complicated in Ghosts than any Perk system we’ve seen in the past; mainly because there are so many of them. The best way to pick your Perk is to follow what you already know. Remember the Perks you used in the Modern Warfare and Black Ops games because a lot, or even most of them, make a come back in Ghosts. Pick which ones you know you need in order to play your best.

For example, I need to have Sleight of Hand, or I will suck immensely. It’s just a fact of life for me. Recognize those few Perks that you need, that you’re used to having. Then shop around for the rest. Trial and error might have to be something you look into for this one, but most of it is all in the description. So take your time, read through the Perks available, you might find something new that might benefit you more.

Onto the loadouts, which are still pretty standard compared to previous Call of Duty games. But this time, it’s all about the guns.

See, I was an attachment whore in Black Ops II, every gun had to have three attachments or I felt like I was missing something. Getting Gold camo was a bitch for me when I had to remove all my perks and attachments. In Ghosts, they finally gave me a break. Since the third attachment perk, just called Extra Attachment, is worth a huge 3 points, it was really nice to learn that a few weapons came with attachments on them already.

Here’s a handy list to save you a bit of time:


Assault Rifles:

      • Honey Badger (Silencer)
      • MSBS (Three Round Burst)
      • ARX-160 (Laser Sight)

Submachine Guns:

      • CBJ-MS (Armor-Piercing)
      • K7 (Silencer)


      • Chain SAW (Laser Sight)


      • MR-28 (Foregrip)


      • USR (Recoil Compensator)
      • L115 (Recoil Compensator)
      • VKS (Silencer)


      • Tac-12 (Smart Choke)


      • PDW (3 Round Burst)


You’ll notice on that list the Marksman group. Marksman is a new set of weapons, think a single shot assault rifle mixed with a hint of sniper. They are easier to use then a sniper rifle, but with that rifle feel. You won’t get as much distance or power, but they are plenty strong.

Anyways, using guns that already have attachments you would use saves you point slots for perks, which is always something to think about.

Some final bits of advice:

Set up your classes – You will get three classes initially, with the option to buy more later with Squad Points. Use your classes well to set up your Perks. Make that run ‘n gun submachine gun class, but also make that marksman class, and that assault class. You can’t go wrong by doing this. By making all of your classes work fluidly you erase the chance of getting stuck in a situation where you stop and think, “I really wish I had a sniper right now” and have to wait until the next game. The game even helps you do this by organizing your characters at the beginning with a choice of what style fighter they are to be.

For those just starting up the game. HONEY BADGER. Use it. It’s easily the best gun in the game mode for those just starting, and it stays a mean ass gun for as long as you need it to be. It has a Silencer pre-equipped and has good aim and range. It’s a sweet little gun that doesn’t give a fuck that it’s called the Honey Badger. Safe to say it don’t care.

K/D isn’t everything. For the first while after you start playing the game your K/D might go up or down quite dramatically. This is normal. It should settle sometime around ten hours into the game.

Get as many missions completed as you can and achieve those Field Operations.

Find a clan. Seriously, playing with a clan changes how you plan the game on an entirely different level. You will work as a team to achieve objectives and capture points. You will know that they have your back, and honestly, the game is much more fun having a clan to work with.

Don’t get frustrated: Bad lobbies happen, but don’t let that ruin the game for you. Take a break, play some Squads or Extinction, then get back in the game.

Good luck guys, I’ll see you in the lobby.



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