After all of your hard earned work in Black Ops II, it’s time to start all over again and get prestige’d in Ghosts.

Thing is, like a lot of other players,  you’re going to have a harder time on it than you did back on Black Ops II.

A lot of the changes in the ranking and loadout mechanics have slowed the speed at which players can rank their characters up. And ranking up is definitely something you want to do, if not for the fact of showing off, then for the fact that you get squad points (The point system used to unlock weapons, perks, equipment and scorestreaks) for every rank. Not only can you use these Squad Points in the Multiplayer you can use spend them in the new Squads mode as well.

With the new Create a Soldier feature, and the removal of the pick ten system,  one thing still remains true for Call of Duty: Ghosts, and that is it’s all about the points; how to get them, and how to get them fast.

And how do you get most points?

By playing the right game modes.

And how do you get them quickly?

By playing a lot of games.

Cranked is a new game mode that is seen for the first time in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It’s basically a, well, cranked version of standard Team Deathmatch. In Cranked, every time you get a kill you have thirty seconds to get another kill/assist or your character will self-detonate. Not only does every kill start the timer, but once you get a kill you automatically get the perks Ready Up, Sleight of Hand, Agility, Marathon, Stalker and Quickdraw; so you will move faster, sprint longer, react more quickly, and be able to reload in a pinch.

Cranked is a perfect game for a run and gunner, like most of the folks in my clan are.

And damn, does it bring in the points. Why? Because every kill you get while ‘cranked’ gets you double experience, and not only that, but the game is short and scoring is high meaning you get more games to the hour.

Simply put, Cranked is a super-fast-paced game mode that will satisfy any point hungry runner.

If running and gunning isn’t your thing then Search and Rescue is the game mode you should be looking into for fast points but with a slower play style.

Search and Rescue is a sort of combination between Kill Confirmed and Search and Destroy. Just like in Search and Destroy the goal is to either defend or destroy an objective. The only difference is that when you die you drop a dog tag, and if a team mate picks it up you are able to respawn. Though if an enemy picks up your dog tag, you will be stuck waiting until the next round.

While it doesn’t sound like a good situation for getting points, this new mode dishes out the XP. Each kill gives a big 250 XP; dog tag picked up or not. And then if you plant or disarm the bomb you’re looking at 500 XP; equal to five kills in Team Deathmatch. And don’t forget to pick up those tags, they give you even more XP.

If these new game modes aren’t your style, good old Kill Confirmed is still there. With 50 XP for every kill and 100 XP for every tag picked up it’s still a good way to level up.

It’s not just the game mode that ranks you, remember, it’s how you play. If these game modes don’t work for you, just play what does work. If you’re great at Domination, then play Domination. You’re not going to rank up just by playing a game mode. You gain points by actually playing, and if you aren’t playing your best then you might as well not be playing at all.

And last, but not least, a small bit of advice; play with friends. Though it’s not about winning, well, in the end, it’s about winning. You get more XP for a victory than a loss, and wins add up. By playing with people you know, or with fellow clan members, you are more likely to get those wins than if you were playing with random ‘greenies’ (Okay, that’s what we called them in Black Ops II, but now they’re blue… greenies sounds better). These friends/clan mates are less likely to troll your game, by say, refusing to pick up tags, or one of a million other ways of making your day of gaming turn into total shit.

Good gaming, I’ll see you in the Lobby.



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