Life isn’t just a hobby.

Life is about the experience you earn, the life you choose to live,  and the world you chose to live it in.

It’s about your critical mission failures, your game overs, your restarts, your saves made over. It’s remembering your mistakes so they don’t happen again.

It’s the friends you meet and the ones you haven’t met yet. The people who have been with you to the end of the world and back again. Those are the ones that will face dragons at your side with a smile. The ones who will stare death in the face, and take the time to heal you when you take too much damage.

Life isn’t just a cut screen that you can just sit through. Press ‘A’ and get your life going. Unlock that achievement you’ve been saving for later, get that damned trophy that you’ve been keeping a space for on your shelf.

Pick up that controller, roll those dice, and make things happen.

Because it’s not just something to do. Gaming is a way to live.

There is so much more to it than just playing to win.

It’s all about the experience points you get along the way.

Push start to begin…


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